breakfast room

Each room has its own menu located on your room door. Simply text your order in the evening and we’ll have it ready in the morning. Breakfast is served between 8.00am and 10.00am daily at the breakfast room or in bed!!

Our breakfast menu includes:


  1. Egg, bacon, sausage, home-fries/sweet potato, mushroom, roasted tomatoes and chilli relish with toast.
  2. Vegan sausage, home-fries/sweet potato, mushroom, roasted tomatoes, baked beans with toast (egg or no egg).
  3. Fish finger sandwich with mayo and chilli relish on bread.
  4. Kippers and eggs with toast.
  5. Cornflakes or muesli with milk and/or yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruit.
  6. Soft boiled eggs with (marmite) soldiers
  7. Creamy porridge with maple syrup and seasonal fresh fruit.
  8. Scrambled eggs on toast with olive oil and tomato.


  • Cafetiere of fresh coffee.
  • Tea: Builders/Earl Grey/Peppermint/Camomile/Green/Fruit.

For your toast, there is a selection of jams, nutella, peanut butter and honey.

All breakfasts are served with orange juice.