House Rules and Regulations

House Rules and Regulations

As a bed and breakfast located in central Brighton our guests come from all corners of the world. To keep everyone happy we have a few bed and breakfast rules to keep Motel Schmotel running as smoothly as we can. If you have any problems with the b&b please let us know immediately.

If you are unable to find a member of staff please text us on: 07557 947 449 or use the free telephone in the main entrance hall way. Just pick up the receiver and leave a message and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

Check in, check out times
Check in time for the bed and breakfast is 2.00pm. Check out time at the bed and breakfast is 11.00am.

No smoking
Strictly no smoking anywhere in the building – even on balconies, in shower rooms or hanging out of windows! If evidence of smoking is detected you will be asked to immediately vacate the premises. An additional charge will be made for professional cleaning and deodorising of the room.

Gguest’s friends and visitors
Non residents or unauthorised guests
are NOT allowed in the b&b after 10.00pm and must vacate the premises before 10.00pm.

Respect other guests
Please be courteous and think of others. Whilst we do not expect silence please keep loud noise to a minimum especially late at night and early morning.

No illegal drugs
We have a strict zero tolerance to the use of drugs on the premises. Any sign of illegal substances found will result in the guest being asked to leave immediately.

Loss of Keys
As a part of your stay with us we will entrust you with a set of keys for both your room and the main entrance door. Please ensure that you keep your keys with you at all times and do not let any unauthorised guest have access to the keys. A charge of £30 will be added to your bill if the keys are damaged or lost.

Leaving luggage
If you would like to leave your luggage at the b&b for a fews hours after checkout please ask a member of staff. We can store your bags until you return to pick them up but cannot guarantee safety. Any luggage stored outside of your room is done so at the risk of the owner.